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4 channel power supply for beamtest


We needed a 4 channel power supply for beamtest, so here it is:

It is made from the following ingredients:
four 5V @ 10A closed frame power supplies, a 4A fuse, a fan, a master switch, four polyswitches rated at 8A hold current, four 28A single-pole switches, four 20A DC ammeters and a fancy case that has a nicely designed/machined front panel.

Thanks for the help with the front panel, Robin/Roy, and thanks Christina/Casey for making the 15m cable bundle.


GPL’d clock software released


As promised, the software is released under the GPL (v3) at (only available in a subversion repository right now).

A slight flaw was detected in the hardware design (schematics and pcb) in the last week that made it not work, so rather than release something that is known not working, I’m gonna fix it and then release. There is an easy workaround for the flaw, but no sense anyone printing boards that don’t work as-is. So the hardware design files are coming soon. Stay tuned.