GPL’d clock software released

As promised, the software is released under the GPL (v3) at (only available in a subversion repository right now).

A slight flaw was detected in the hardware design (schematics and pcb) in the last week that made it not work, so rather than release something that is known not working, I’m gonna fix it and then release. There is an easy workaround for the flaw, but no sense anyone printing boards that don’t work as-is. So the hardware design files are coming soon. Stay tuned.


7 Responses to “GPL’d clock software released”

  1. englere Says:

    Did you post the hardware files yet?

  2. mzandrew Says:

    not yet. I’m gonna get some boards printed in a few weeks, so I’ll have a chance to check the new design then.

  3. seyyedali Says:

    hi & tanks
    what is the OLED?
    OLED ?= LCD

  4. mzandrew Says:

    oled = organic light emitting diode
    lcd = liquid crystal display

  5. penjuin Says:

    Great job man, I just have a few questions:

    1) Where did you get that OLED display and what interface does it use? I have been looking for one for a while.
    2) Any reason you used an ARM chip? Do you just prefer it over, say AVR or was it required for speed?

    Again, this is a great project. Well done.

  6. jetforme Says:

    Looks like you still haven’t posted the Eagle files, or I just can’t find them. Any chance they’ll be going up soon?

    Did you have to create a lot of parts for Eagle, or did you find existing libraries helpful?


  7. mzandrew Says:


    OLED: I got them from They have a standard data bus interface + 6800 or 8080 control signals. There’s also an spi interface.

    arm vs avr: I have a couple gizmos that use arms and the battery life seemed very good. That and it just seemed like there were more linux tools for the arm (assembler, compiler, jtag, usb programming) at the time.


    eagle: Still havn’t posted them. I want to remove the crystal and replace it with an oscillator, since it was the crystal that made the board not work. And, it’s likely I won’t have time to print another clock board and populate it before next year.

    libraries: I defined every part myself for my own library, because the quality / consistency of the ones I found on the web were sub-par.

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