presentation today

I gave a short presentation on my project today in class.

I took a picture of the face from an analog watch I have and had my clock display the picture behind the hands:
Yes, the “3” is a slightly modified version of the “8.”


7 Responses to “presentation today”

  1. lexity Says:

    Hi, I find your project interesting. Is it possible to buy a complete oled clock solution from you? I’m new to hardware development but would like to play arrond with the software though. Please drop me a mail to if you find my proposal interesting. Thank You

  2. englere Says:

    I agree that it would be cool if we could buy assembled units. I could make one myself, but I just don’t have much free time. I’d especially like a battery powered device like this. I go to a lot of trade shows and events. This could make a real cool animated name badge!

  3. Beer-30, OLED style | Development Feeds Says:

    […] built this OLED display based clock for his electronics class. He used an ARM7 processor, designed a nice […]

  4. mzandrew Says:

    lexity: I’d love to have the time to try to make a bunch of these and market them, but I just don’t. I ran the numbers and for a batch of 100, each clock would still be $70, which I think is too much to try to market. It becomes more interesting if it’s not just a clock, but a usb slave device that can be programmed to display anything, but I never tested the usb device port nor wrote any software for it.

  5. benn686 Says:

    What’s the part number for the oled?

    I’m hoping to find an oled that has a spi interface. I see this project uses spi for the rtc, but doesn’t say what the interface to the oled is…

    Anybody know where I can find more info on this oled?

  6. benn686 Says:

    Thanks for the info!

    I’ve been looking for a 4-bit grayscale graphic oled ( with a SSD1329U2 or similar spi controller/driver)… I notice sparkfun only seems to carry the color version (SSD1339 spi driver)

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